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Identify Mortgage Brokerage

Commercial real estate properties are financed by a variety of mortgage lenders. Each lender type has their own general box for the types of deals where they are usually a proper fit, and within each lender type – each individual lender has their own unique program parameters, requirements, and appetite.

As the market changes, so do the lending programs for each individual lender and is something that is constantly in flux. We competitive individual lenders and consistently tracks changes to their programs as well as new lenders entering the market. Navigating this terrain can be difficult for a variety of reasons – but there are some general rules of thumb a borrower.

Scenario Assessment

A commercial real estate debt fund is a private equity backed fund that pools individual investor capital and deploys that capital into commercial real estate debt opportunities. These funds have always existed but became more prominent after the most recent major 2008 recession, as banking regulations and scrutiny became tighter. Debt funds usually specialize in a specific asset type

Debt funds are less regulated so they all have better flexibility to work with buyers and landlords, which can be beneficial to negotiate more favorable rates and terms for your new mortgage. Many funds specialize to go head-to-head with the most aggressive banks and institutions with more flexibility, while others may specialize in bridge loan products for example offering tailored and flexible loan terms with competitive market pricing.