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Creative Commercial Group is a nationwide commercial mortgage brokerage and advisory firm based in Northern California. We represent commercial real estate owners, investors and business owners in the capital markets to arrange financing for their investment properties. Our team maintains long-standing relationships with over 100+ commercial lending sources. We leverage these relationships to ensure our clients are aligned with the most competitive financing available in the market that meets their specific investment strategy.

Clients also gain the benefit of our experience and network to anticipate and solve any issues that may arise in order to secure a smooth loan process. Navigating the commercial mortgage process can be complex and unpredictable. Our goal is to simplify the process for our clients, provide access to the most competitive options available in the market, and ensure that all transaction needs are met.

Who We Are

Creative Commercial Group was formed in 2013 by our President & CEO Ali Mahmoudi. After a successful early career with some of the largest and most respected commercial real estate Banks, Ali wanted to create a company that would fill a large gap he saw in the industry.  During his tenure with these Banks, it became apparent that the most competitive loan programs and professional talent were reserved for larger institutional clients and their portfolios. Individual investors, family offices and smaller syndications investing in middle-market commercial real estate deals were not being served with the same attention or access as the larger clients. Middle-market investors had to resort to second-tier programs, scattered misinformation, and entry level mortgage professionals. We've taken our years of experience, contacts and access, and reputation for customer service -- and have made it now available to those middle-market clients. We've taken the guesswork out of the equation and look forward to guiding you on your next deal.

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Our Team

Ali Mahmoudi, MBA

President & CEO

Susie Kessinger

SVP of Sales

Kim Broback

Head of Marketing

Spiro Hishmeh

VP of N. America Sales/Broker

Alex Khodadad, CPA